term life

How Realtors Can Supplement their Retirement Using Term Insurance

When most people think of term insurance, they consider the television ads that show how John Doe got a $1 million policy for only $38 per month. You know the ads; they’re all over the television, internet, Facebook, and even Twitter. But for many people, if they look closely at the disclosure at the bottom…
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term life insurance

Term Life Insurance Strategies for Realtors

People in the real estate business understand investment strategies. They understand return on investment, and they understand running a small business since that is how they are operating. The challenge that most realtors have to deal with, however, is insurance strategies that deliver a return on investment. Term life insurance can be an important part…
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buy-sell agreement

Business Continuation with the Buy-Sell Agreement

Any closely held business organization, like a real estate broker, whether newly created or established, should have a defined business continuation plan to financially accommodate the possibility of an owner or partner dying, retiring, or becoming disabled. The Buy-Sell Agreement will specifically define how the business will continue after a defined catastrophic event such as…
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key man insurance

Key Man Insurance for Real Estate Brokers

If any business is a good candidate for Key Man Insurance, it is a Real Estate Broker. Knowing that the success of the broker’s organization is typically predicated on the success of a small group of people, every real estate broker should consider Key Man insurance to ensure the continuation of the organization in the…
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waste of money

With No Cash Value – Is Term Insurance a Waste of Money?

As a self-employed real estate agent or broker, your life insurance is an important responsibility, and as such, you certainly want to make certain you’re getting your money’s worth and that you’ve purchased the insurance solution that best meets your needs, but is term a waste of money? Understanding that there are many insurers that…
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how much life insurance

How Much Life Insurance Should Realtors Have?

When considering the top ten questions about life insurance, how much is typically ranked in the top five. What life insurance is and what it does is the first thing the consumer should consider when attempting to purchase a policy. In many cases, realtors who purchase life insurance do so because they want their income…
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term riders

Use Term Insurance Riders to Customize Your Insurance Policy

Many consumers know that Term Insurance is the most affordable life insurance to purchase, but are not aware of the term insurance riders available that help you customize your policy to offer a better solution. An internet search will provide as many term insurance naysayers as proponents, but rarely do you find legitimate information about…
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guide to life insurance

The Ultimate Guide to Life Insurance for Realtors

If there was a top ten list of professionals continually at risk, real estate professionals should be near the top. In most cases, real estate professionals depend on their sales production to provide a comfortable way of life for themselves and their families. Most start at “entry level”, become realtors, and then become brokers. Every…
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best life insurance

How to Find the Best Life Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Although there is a small segment of the market where a real estate agent is an employee of a company (usually a builder), the great majority of agents work on commission and are, therefore, considered self-employed. Being self-employed can be a wonderful way to earn a good living, but details like life and health insurance…
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