term insurance vs universal life

Term Insurance vs. Universal Life Insurance

Understanding the different types of life insurance products are and how they differ from one another can be confusing for those not associated with the insurance or financial services industries.  In this article, the similarities and key differences will be highlighted about the most common types of life insurance, term, and universal life insurance.  It…
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why Real Estate Agents should buy Term Life Insurance

Why Real Estate Agents should buy Term Life Insurance

Selling real estate is a noble profession that can be entered into fairly easily. In fact, licensing does not require a degree and most agents can get licensed by their state by completing some coursework, taking and passing the state exam, and completing the required continuing education. In every case, however, we should discuss why…
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10-Year Term Insurance

When a 10-Year Term Insurance Policy Makes Sense

Term life insurance could be looked at as income replacement for your spouse if you were to die unexpectedly.  The coverage is very affordable and also customizable.  One of the approaches you might take to customize your term life insurance is when you select the length of the policy term. It may be in your…
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final expense insurance for rea;tors

Final Expense Insurance for Realtors

In many cases, a Final Expense Insurance policy may be the best option to make sure our loved ones won’t be facing a life-changing economic situation caused by our death and the associated burial expenses. There is a common misunderstanding when it comes to the way people think life insurance works. It’s natural to think…
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cheap long term care insurance

Cheap LongTerm Care Insurance for Real Estate Agents

If you are wondering about purchasing a long term care insurance (LTCI) policy, you do have an option. A growing number of states are allowing the sale of long-term care hybrid policies that will allow you to purchase long-term care coverage with a unique rider added on to your life insurance plan. Yes, cheap long…
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life insurance quick quote

Life Insurance Quick Quote With No Medical Exam

If your intentions are to purchase affordable life insurance to protect and secure the financial stability of your surviving loved ones after you die, you will likely have to undergo a medical exam and a blood test. Insurers can offer lower rates when they fully underwrite your policy and then be certain about your health,…
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living to 100

Living to 100 May be More Realistic than You Think

Living to 100 has always been considered unrealistic by most, especially those who find it difficult being a senior. But the facts indicate that becoming a centenarian is more realistic than you think. The 21st century brought the population medical technology that not long ago would have been considered impractical, and as a result, people…
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mortgage protection insurance

Protect Your Home or Business with Mortgage Protection Insurance

Anyone who has started a business understands the commitment that must be made in terms of time and resources. Realtors who decide to open an office do a lot of planning to establish an office at a prime location. Yes, you can easily rent space for you and your team, but realtors are keenly aware…
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average retirement incoome

Use Term Life Insurance to Supplement Average Retirement Income

Realtors typically agree that they do not want to work forever. Most have a realistic dream of a comfortable retirement where the beach or lake is close by, and the breeze is comforting while spending time in the hammock. Like all professionals, realtors work hard, and they plan hard. It’s in their nature to have…
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